how to get rid of rats

How to Get Rid of Rats ? | By Yourself or Exterminators

There are two ways to get rid of rats – doing it yourself or with the help of professionals. In addition to destruction of home and property damage rats carry a threat to the human by spreading dangerous diseases. Therefore, getting rid of them is necessary as soon as possible. So, let us look through some methods of doing it.

Rat exterminators.

People may not have the time or desire to deal with getting rid of rats on their own. Therefore, there are special pest control companies that will be happy to help for a fee.
What you need to know?
There are two groups of service providers who can present themselves as rat extermination professionals.
Former group
The first of the two groups are pest control companies that regularly earn their money by servicing homeowners, for example, on a monthly basis. Such companies will try to set up a client for a monthly service.
They arrange bait for rats around the house (or in the house or in the attic). The bait is usually stored in a rat-friendly plastic rat “restaurant” where rats dine protected from predators. A plastic box with rat bait will provide some protection from tampering the rat poison by children and pets. But still, for example, a large dog can chew or shake a box, which can cause rat poison to fall out. Also, small children can climb into the box with their hands to pull out the poison and eat it. Therefore when choosing you need to take care of safety and pay attention to different criteria when choosing best rat poison.
But rats often bite the bait blocks, making holes from which you can easily pull or shake out the poison. Rats often pull out pieces of poisonous bait on land and leave it there.
Each month, employees of these pest control companies return to examine for the presence of rat feces. They will also check the boxes with lures, and if necessary, add a poisonous bait. If included in the service – will cause a protective barrier around the house. And charge another expense.
Often these lures act slow and sometimes the poison does not keep up with reproduction. But for such companies this is the norm, they need a monthly income.
Second group
Companies from the second group specialize directly in getting rid of small animals, mice and rats, or (in some cases) it can be a large pest control company, which has a person specializing in the protection and disposal of rodents at home.
These professionals usually use traps to kill rats, and in some cases lure them into traps alive, and then clean them in accordance with sanitary norms.
What steps are taken by real professionals?
A true professional will always need time to first inspect the house and other buildings to find out where the rats come from and how they get into the house. The specialist will check the Foundation, walls, doors, windows, frames, cornices, vents, roof and cornice. Also check the rooms in the house, garage, attic, basement and other premises. He can do it quickly, as it is not the first time.
During the test, the specialist will collect information about rats, from which he will be able to determine what species or varieties of rats he is dealing with.
Exclusion of food, water and shelter.
The rat control worker should be able to find where the rats get food and water, and advise the owners of the house on what needs to be done to make food and water inaccessible to rodents. And the specialist will deny the rats the shelter they need, closing all the cracks and holes that provide access to the house.
He will advise on the possibilities of sealing of outbuildings and other sources of shelter on the site.
Rat Traps instead of poison.
Experts are aware of the problems of using rat poison in and around the house and almost exclusively use a trap to get rid of rats. The use of traps instead of poison will help to avoid the death of rats inside the walls, under the roof, etc., where access is almost impossible. This means that the house and the surrounding area will be free from the all-consuming stench coming from dead rats. This stench can last up to six months if not removed. Here you can browse through best rat traps currently available.
Preventing the recurrence of rodents
No true professional will leave customers without consulting or offering a service to prevent the re-emergence of rodents.
What questions need to be asked.
Turning to the company to combat rodents, anyone will want to make sure that he is dealing with professionals. The following questions will help to identify a really good specialist which really know how to get rid of rats .

What method or what steps will you take in the fight against rats?

Do you use rat traps or rat poison?

Will you check my house and grounds?
“How long do you think it will take to get rid of the rats?” (if the answer is” in one day,” or worse, “in an hour,” it’s worth running from this “professional»)

Yes, everyone wants to get rid of rats as soon as possible, but it won’t be any good if it’s done wrong.
And of course everyone is interested in the cost of service. The company can indicate a range of cost, but it is likely that the specialist will be able to name a specific amount after the inspection of the territory.

Getting rid of rats by yourself – 5 steps.

The owner knows his house well, so he can inspect it faster and better. It is necessary to inspect the perimeter of the whole house outside and inside. Outside you need to check the Foundation, including the vents. Are they okay? If not, it is necessary to seal or plug even the smallest holes.
To repair the air vents without damaging the air flow, use a cloth made of accessories (wire shielding with millimeter holes).
You need to find wiring or conduits, or water pipes that penetrate the vents or wall partitions, and make sure that the rodents there was no room for passage.
You also need to check all the walls to the cornice for holes. Fill the holes with sheet metal, hardware cloth or fill them with coarse steel wool (copper mesh is much better because it does not rust, but if it is not possible to quickly find the mesh can temporarily use steel wool).
It is necessary to check the ditches for holes and cracks. The attic on the presence of holes in the ledge. And also check the roof for damage and pay attention to where the roof meets the wall and corners.
Check all sewer pipes and use liquid nails or screws to attach the wire mesh to the ends of the pipes. Check all roof openings to make sure there are no gaps around them.

Diagnostics of the attic.

We should definitely check the attic. Very often rats settle in the attic. You should look for holes dug in the insulation, as well as feces and urine. The variety of rats can be determined by their feces. If there are signs of rats, you need to wait until the evening, and then climb back into the attic and start making noise and stomping to scare the rats. Then you need to quickly close up the holes in the attic to close the last entrances and exits for rats. Sort out the attic and make a final repair. Then it needs to be done in the garage and other buildings.

Food, water and shelter

It’s time to make sure rats don’t have access to pet food and water, at least at night when they usually get their own food and water. It is necessary to remove all bird feeders and other sources of grain.
Make sure there is no pet food, bird food, stored cereals or other products that are not in containers protected from rodents in the house and other premises.
It is necessary to do everything possible to remove the water sources from the outside and in the premises. Repair all leaking pipes and appliances, if any.
In the living room, put all food in the refrigerator and/or containers. It is necessary to clean the house carefully under furniture that there were no crumbs anywhere, and also to take out garbage for the night.
By this point, all the passages should be cut off from the rats so they can’t get in and out. This is very important step in getting rid of rats.

Time to catch…. (if not using rat poison)

You should use traps, from six pieces, and more in every area where there was activity of the rats. Using the bait, do not put too much on the trap, otherwise it may work prematurely!
It is best to first leave the trap without the bait. After a couple of days to fill the missing bait. On the fifth day, set a trap. In the morning, be sure to check the traps and immediately remove the dead rats and again to reinstall all the traps. Do this every morning, filling the bait as needed. Even if it seems like all rats are caught, keep checking traps and any other places where rat excrement has been found.
If new excrement or other traces of rodents are found, it may mean that some rats have learned to avoid traps. If that’s the case, it’s time to change the traps.
You should choose a different style of rat traps. If you had used wood and metal traps, then replace them with snap-on is made mostly of plastic, in which there is teeth. The important thing is that it looks and smells different than the previous ones. This time it is necessary to use another bait.
But, again, do not immediately cock the trap! Let this shy rat eat some free pieces on the trap and next to it without consequences for some time. Be sure to use more than one trap.
Continue to repeat this process until the rat signs disappear.

Preventing the recurrence of rats

Now you can relax and take a deep breath. But do not relax completely! It’s time to clean the yard from all the garbage and areas where rats can find protection. Get rid of piles, tires, boxes and anything that will be attractive to rats.
When rats disappear you should not give in to the temptation to store animal feed, grain and food without containers!

You also need to check all outbuildings on their protection from rats. If there are sheds, they also need to be carefully checked for the presence of a method of penetration of rodents into the house.
One good way is to dig a trench around the house (and other buildings) by planting a wire mesh around it with millimeter holes (the smaller the better). Fill the trench and attach the top of the grid to the house, creating a barrier that goes underground.
One more thing. Be sure to carefully clean everywhere. Rat excrement and places where urine was found should be treated (sprayed) with 10% bleach solution with water (this is 10% bleach and 90% water). Using better dust mask and rubber gloves.
Excrement and urine are a powerful lure for any rats that might pass by. Rats always prefer old rat moves to new ones.

Rat repellents.

One of the best methods to keep rats from coming to your area are rat repellents. This device works on the basis of ultrasound or scents which rats cant bear. This literally drives them crazy. Installing such device in your area can prevent rodents from coming.

Problem solved!
And you can praise yourself for it! Now you can be proud that you can provide yourself a service at the level of platinum! Moreover, the owner of the house knows how to get rid of rats faster than a specialist, as he knows his house better and is there constantly.