Best rat poisons

There are various methods of rat removal .Rat poisons are designed for mass extermination of rats and mice. After consumption of poisonous material, mice will die off in about 1 hour, rats take more time to die. Of course, it all depends on rat poison type, some will require for rats consume the poison multiple times, others are effective even after a single take in. Rat poisons are differed by several criteria, depending on the power, safety for pets, effect speed and other. We have carefully analysed and prepared a list of best rat poisons. You can see a short summary in a table below.

Rat poison
Farnam just one Bite
best rat poison
+Kills rats and mice in a single feeding (contains Bromadiolone)
+Can be used both inside and outside buildings
+Kills Norway rats, roof rats and house mice
Keep it out of pets and childrenCheck the Price
Tomcat Rat and Mouse Killer
rat bait station
+Safe around places with pets and children (bait station is resistant to tampering)
+Indoor & outdoor use (Wheather resistant)
Each bait block can kill up to 3 rats, so need to buy more.Check the price
Tomcat Bait Chunx 4 lb
+Rodents stop eating after consuming lethal dose, so bait is economied
+Rats and mice extremely attracted by the bait
Around 1000 user reviews on Amazon
Keep it off of pets and childrenCheck the Price
RatX Eco clear killernon toxic rat poison+Best natural non-toxic poison
+Safe around pets and children
+Only 1 feeding is enough for killing rats and mice
Some rats are not easily attracted by the baitCheck the price
Ramik Neogen Rodenticide all weather rat poison+All weather rat poison
+Can be used both indoor and outdoor
+Rats are very attracted to baits
Keep pets awayCheck the Price
Tomcat All weather bait chunxTomcat bait poison+All weather rat poison, kills the rats inside and outside
+Multiple ways of rodent killing (bait chunx,bait station,glue boards -all included)
Keep away from pets and childrenCheck the Price
Jt Eaton bait blockjt eaton rat bait block+Long term, one product contains 144 packs of 1 ounce rodenticide
+Rats are easily attracted by the bait
+Each bait has hole, for hanging them in rodent areas
NoneCheck the Price
D-con refillable rat poison bait stationd-con rat & mouse bait station+Reusable bait station safe from pet & children tampering
+Weather resistant
+Ideal for attics, basements, sheds and garages
The size of block may not be effective for some ratsCheck the price

Farnam just one bite rat Poison

best rat poison

This is one of the best rat removal methods currently available, especially if the number of rats is high, this poison can serve as a super extermination method. As the title says it all “just one bite” rats and mice are doomed after a single take in. In order for it not to be accessible for pets and children, you have to put it into a bait station. You can mount it on places like walls,tree etc. The rats will consume it from one place and will die in another. So it is important not to allow pets (cats and dogs) to eat their dead bodies.

Tomcat rat and mouse killer

This is a pretty effective, cheap and safe product for rat removal. It comes in a bait blocks which are resistant from pet and children tampering, so you can use them safely in your house or outdoors. This thing is weather resistant, a rain or moisture won’t affect it. The only thing with it is that if you have many rats and a large area you would need a several of such bait stations.

Tomcat Bait Chunx 4 lb

Tomcat bait chunx is pretty economic and efficient product against rat infestation. There is a particular portion of poison material ,consuming which the rat will stop eating it and die after 4-5 days. The poison contains bromethalin which is acute toxic element and kills even very resistant Norway rats, roof rats and other kinds of rats. The longevity is one of its main pros, buying one you would probably don’t needed it in 6-12 month.

RatX Eco-clear rat killer

non toxic rat poison

RatX rat & mouse poison is 100% natural non-toxic product which is safe to use around cats & dogs and children. Unlike other poisons, it affects the rodents digestive system and rats are killed by “humanely method”, without leaving a bad smell afterwards. It is environmentally friendly and effective products, however some people claim that some rats are not attracted by the baits and avoid eating them.

Ramik neogene rodenticide

all weather rat poison

Another great rat poison. The material is long lasting and weather resistant , so by spreading it once you can be sure it will continue acting after several months. It comes in 45 mini packs. The rats are attracted by its bait’s fish flavour. Can be used both inside and outside of the buildings.

Tomcat all weather bait chunx

Tomcat bait poison

Another wonderful rat poison by TomCat . It is all weather, bait chunx are easy to use . The problem about this product that it doesn’t act on a single feeding, the rats need to take it several times, so it is not quick acting kind of poison. One product contains 64 chunks.

JT Eaton bait block

jt eaton rat bait block

This product contains a lot of material for long term use. The pail contains 144 one ounce chunks . It is also not as quick acting just like TomCat all weather, so you need to replenish it. The bait has peanut butter flavor and highly attractive to rats and mice. The product has 1 year warranty.

D-con refillable rat poison bait station

d-con rat & mouse bait station

D-con refillable bait station is another effective rat solution. It is safe to use around cats and children as the bait station is very protective. Rat will enter into the bait station and will eat the bait. It is effective both indoors & outdoors. Ideal for attic, basement, living room , kitchen.

This is a list of best rat poisons , each of them has its own advantages and cons, choose the most suitable one for you and reap the benefits. However, if you are thinking of other methods of rat and mice removal, you can also view best rat traps and best rat repellents.