Best Rat Repellents

One of the irritating problem about rats and mice, is that they keep coming back after some time. You can close all the burrows and holes from which they might come, but eventually they tend to find a weak point and keep visiting your property. This is where rat repellents come to our help. Rodents cannot sustain certain types of scent and ultrasound, it terrifies them. These are used in the core of rat repellents. You can use them for your home , car or any place you don’t want rodents in. When choosing best rat repellent, you have to note such important points like the range of acting, safety for pets and kids, durability and longevity and so on. All of this was analyzed by us, and reviews of best rat repellents were prepared.

Rat repellent
T3-R triple high impact
best rat repellent
+6000 sq foot range, 1 device covers it all
+Pet & Kid safe
+Varied Ultrasonic sound passes through walls, terrifies pests and repels them away
+Immediate action
+Easy to use , Install it and rodents are gone
-Emits a weak faint operating soundCheck the Price
Eco defense pest control
rat repellent
+Natural product, Pet and kid safe
+Long Lasting, one pack lasts from 6 to 12 months
+Easy to use (each odorant pouch covers 10 cubic feet range)
-NoneCheck the Price
Eco defense Rodent repellent spray
+All Natural, Pet & Kid safe repellent.
+Both Indoor and Outdoor use
+Can be used in the Kitchen where food is cooked - Non-toxic
-Need to spray regularlyCheck the Price
Peppermint Essential oil
+Natural, environmentally safe
+Affordable option
+Works for rodents and insects as well
-The effect lasts 7-8 days (oil dissipates)Check the Price
Cleanrth SR008 Rodent repellent
+Covers 7000 sq ft area
+Safe for pets
-NoneCheck the Price
70k - ultrasonic pest repeller
+Ideal for large spaces, can cover range upto 465 m2
+Safe for people and pets
+Variable frequency doesn't let rodents to get used to the sound
-A little expensiveCheck the Price