Important tips in rat removal

Rats and mice cause significant harm, namely spoil the food, furniture, clothing, electrical wiring. In addition, the presence of these rodents in the house can threaten human health, because these animals are carriers of various infectious diseases. Therefore, it is so important to take action at the first sign of the appearance of rodents in the house.

Rat removal, or deratization – a set of measures for the destruction of rodents

rat traps importance

To get rid of rats and mice, you need to act correctly. It is not enough to get a cat, set up mousetraps, or spread poisoned bait into secluded corners. We need to act comprehensively. And the main focus is on the use of modern toxic agents or rat poisons. The fact is that rats are pretty savvy animals. And if they notice that their relatives die from eating the poisonous bait, in the future they will bypass it, recognizing the poison by smell. Therefore, it is very important to choose a right poison, that is safe for animals after a single use. As the toxic agent accumulate in bodies of rats and mice, it causes internal bleeding, leading to their death.

Rodent control is not limited to the use of poison baits and traps, although these are pretty effective methods. It is also important to take measures to prevent the spread of pests in the building. For this, it is recommended:

  • close the metal mesh mesh ventilation channels;
  • to store food in a closed container;
  • to cement the identified rat burrows;
  • store household waste in closed containers, regularly exporting them.

The less comfortable the conditions for are for rats and mice, the slower their population will grow. So, it will be easier to destroy them.

Independent control of harmful rodents is often not effective enough. The use of poor quality tools, improper placement of the bait leads to the fact that the number of animals does not decrease, or rodents come back after some time.

If the rat removal measurements are not enough, it is recommended to contact a specialized company offering deratization services. Its employees have the necessary knowledge and experience, and also have access to poisons that have strong effect. Finding them on the free market is difficult, since appropriate permits are required to acquire them.Once arrived, experts , will process the premises, placing the bait in the right places. It should be understood that a single treatment is not enough to ensure the destruction of the population of mice and rats. It is recommended to perform rat removal at least three times a year.